Terms of Service

  1. Definition: In this document, "the service" refers to the SAAS tool provided under http://openapidesigner.com/
  2. Hosted Services: we reserve the right to suspend hosted services at any time and for any reason.
  3. Scheduled maintenance: we reserve the right to suspend hosted services for scheduled maintenance without notice.
  4. Support Services: support services are not guaranteed and may or may not be provided.
  5. Customer Data: Customer data will never be passed to third parties. Customer data will never be used for marketing purposes. Customer data will never be stored anywhere but in the service host MySQL database. All customer passwords are encrypted before being stored and cannot be retreived by the owners of this service.
  6. Intellectual Property Rights: The intellectual property of all definitions created using this sevice remain with the user. No user data may be published or made publically accessible or available without the explicit approval of the owner of the data.
  7. Charges: The service is free. Charges do not apply.
  8. Provider's confidentiality obligations: No customer data may never be disclosed to any third parties.
  9. Warranties: No warranties are given.
  10. Acknowledgements and warranty limitations: The service is not error free; The service is not entirely secure; The service may not be compatible in all instances.
  11. Limitations and exclusions of liability: The service is not liable for any damage caused by the use of this service.
  12. Termination: The service may terminate the account of any user at any time and for any reason. The user data will be deleted upon such termination. Users do not have the right to request access to their data before termination. The entire service may be removed and all user data may be deleted at any time and without prior notice.
  13. Notices: No contract is initiated by signing up to this service.
  14. General: No third parties have any rights regarding this service or the users data. This service may not be used by persons that are located in localities, countries or regions where these terms or any part thereof are illegal or contravene any laws or regulations.